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Money Transfer App – African Remittances Guide

Send your money secure, fast and at low-cost!

Extensive Money Transfer Provider Comparison for African Remittances

 People in Africa have been making good use of the continent’s transport and communication developments to migrate to other regions or countries in the continent for work.

Working away from home and sending money to families in remote areas has vastly improved living conditions for many in Africa. Currently, about 30 million people live and work outside their nations of origin within Africa.

So how do these people send money to their loved ones in other African nations?

What are the methods used, and what is the role played by the Internet-enabled online money transfer facility?

Despite recent technological advances, the cost of transferring money to Africa remains extremely expensive, with fees often surpassing 5%.

However, sending money abroad doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. With the right online money transfer provider, you can even save a fortune on remittance fees.

How Most Africans are Managing Fund Remittance

Online money transfers are all important, especially to the economic health of Africa and the poor recipients of those funds.

Most Africans have been using personal cash couriers or trusting dubious, fly-by-night money transfer companies. People would hand a bus or truck driver cash to be delivered to a family member, hoping against hope that it would be delivered to the correct recipient.

The other method was to take time off work (losing money in the process) to personally hand over cash across long distances. None of these methods have been safe, reliable, or timely.

Introducing Online Money Transfers And Payments

Increased Internet access in Africa has brought many things closer to people such as information, education, social integration, and mobile banking services. It’s a well-known fact that even the people of Africa’s poorest countries have smartphones and Internet access but not necessarily bank accounts.

It, therefore, comes as no surprise that online remittance via money on mobile is turning out to be the answer.

Online remittance of funds by mobile phone, even to remote areas, is efficient, cheap, and safe. All that’s needed is for both the recipient and sender to have cell phones and access to the Internet. Banks are happy with online remittance ventures, as they can provide services to rural people without establishing more branches. Banks’ wholehearted support for online remittances has another motive; they hope that eventually people will start banking more traditionally.

4 good reasons for using money transfer apps:


A money transfer app is entirely useful and convenient. The fact that you can use money apps anywhere, anytime means that they are extremely necessary and efficient.

Cheaper services

Back when the only way to complete a wire transfer was via human contact, the service was extremely expensive.


People who are a step ahead are the ones who use wire transfer apps. Such people enjoy the top-notch protection of all their personal or financial data.

Speedy payments

Using a money transfer app is fast. Now, you can make a funds transfer to your family or friends within minutes.

The Best Online Money Transfer Providers available for African Countries

Money transfer apps are an important part of transferring money, you need one to be able to properly and safely transfer your money.

If you’re within an African country, an online money transfer app is essential. In addition, it makes a difference for the money transfer app provider choice if you want to

  • send money from an African country (e.g. South Africa to USA or UK)
  • send money to an African country (e.g. USA to Nigeria or Kenya)
  • send money between African countries (e.g. Tanzania to Ghana)

You need to consider:

  • general fees
  • customer service
  • app stability
  • country support
  • exchange rates

in your search for a robust money transfer app. It’s not easy to find one but we aim to assist you in your search by providing five great money transfer solutions to use within African countries.

These apps all support these South, East and Western African countries with the utmost service and offerings.

5 Excellent Money Transfer Apps


WorldRemit money transfer app

WorldRemit is a payment solution known for its competitive rates, wide range of payment methods, long list of supported countries, transfer methods, fast turnaround times and robust customer support in the form of live chat and telephone options. WorldRemit currently supports a respectable 110 countries, a few of those being from the Africa and the Middle East. The cool thing about WorldRemit is that they offer coupons which could be beneficial for newly arrived immigrants, these coupons could allow your first transfer to be completely free or a reduced fee on future exchanges.

WorldRemit’s exchange rates are among the most reasonable on the market and their customer service is second to none. This company is highly recommended by clients for such offerings, its high rating on TrustPilot speaks for itself. WorldRemit is another great choice of money transfer apps.

Extensive guide about Worldremit: click this link!


 Azimo  money transfer app

Azimo is the third option on our list of money transfer apps, a company established in 2012 and they only have one office established in the UK. The platform is still quite new and unknown on the market but with time and continuance growth, they could become a major player. They have 198 currencies available for trade and exchange, the minimum transfer amount is £1. Azimo is accessible on most browsers, there is currently no dedicated app for mobile and tablet devices. Using Azimo on these devices would have you do so through the official website, don’t worry about stability and reliability because the website is a smooth-running experience most of the time, unlike other money transfer apps which are solely based on their websites. Azimo is regulated and licensed by the Financial Conduct Authority within the UK thus safety and legibility are ensured.

What sets Azimo apart from other money transfer apps is its sheer support for a slew of African countries. It has support for 50 African countries like Algeria, Chad, Nigeria and many more that can be found here.

Whilst Azimo’s support for Middle Eastern may not be up to these standards, it’s serviceable with offering for multiple countries within the region.

Extensive guide about Azimo: click this link!


CurrencyFair peer-to-peer marketplace for best currency exchange rates

Our next payment processor on review today is CurrencyFair, a company established in 2010, 18 currencies are up for trade and exchange. CurrencyFair enforces a convenient minimum transfer amount of zero, so you can make a transfer of whatever amount you want.

They have offices in UK, Australia and Ireland. Satisfactory regulation and licensing include those from The Central Bank of Ireland and The Australian Securities and Investment Commission, these make CurrencyFair a legitimate and safe money transfer app to use.

CurrencyFair currently maintains a fantastic 92% rating on TrustPilot, the consensus is that it’s a comprehensive solution for money transfer. CurrencyFair has a host of countries supported, including those in the Middle East and Africa

Extensive guide about CurrencyFair: click this link!


TransferWise peer-to-peer marketplace for best currency exchange rates

TransferWise is the second in our list of money transfer apps, it was established in 2011. TransferWise currently support 38 currencies and while this is a far cry from Payoneer’s 150, it’s still an extremely valuable proposition to Middle Eastern and African immigrants as there’s lots of support for these two regions. To access Transferwise, you can either use the online site or the dedicated app from your mobile phone. With offices in USA, UK, Australia, Estonia, Hungary, Japan and Ukraine, TransferWide has fantastic support stretching across the world. TransferWise is currently a popular payment solution among clients as seen by its very positive 95% rating on review site TrustPilot.

TransferWise has so much great support for the currency within India that you might as well call it TransferWise India. TransferWise maintains a high level of transparency in regards to their pricing, high trading volumes, utmost safety and credibility, a list of awards for payment platforms, innovation, customer satisfaction and support for all types of transfer money amounts. In addition to Indian support, TransferWise delivers exchange to and from the popular South African ZAR currency with excellent rates and fantastic customer service. Many South African residents have vouched for the services offered to them at TransferWise. However there are two important things you should note, TransferWise payout via the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication (SWIFT) which mandate that the transfer must go through a bunch of banks before reaching its final destination (your bank account) and as a result, the transfer may incur a fee due to the various banks it passes through. The second note is TransferWise currently can’t retrieve transfers made from South Africa, this requires a manual form to be completed on the official website to process.

All in all, TransferWise is another great solution among multiple money transfer apps. It caters to African/Middle Eastern immigrants, refugees and the total expatriate with superb support for numerous countries within those regions.

Extensive guide about TransferWise: click this link!



Finally, we have Payoneer, a popular payment processor established in 2005. It offers many competitive services and benefits. Payoneer currently offers a deep selection of 150 currencies including those supported in Middle Eastern and African countries. The payment processor is recommended for online freelancers, merchants and businesses. Notable major partners of the processor include Internet giants Google, Amazon, UpWork and Getty Images. They have offices in a myriad countries like the USA (San Fransisco and North Carolina), Israel (Tel Aviv), UK (London), Spain, China, Beijing, Japan, Philippines and India. The company is fully in line with market regulations, they have licenses from the Financial Services Commission, Customs and Excise Department and Money Transmitter. Payoneer is a international money transfer app which gets the job done, it’s a comprehensive platform with a multitude of options and capabilities.

Payoneer has a general competitive rate on services such as no loading fees, a generous 2% foreign exchange markup, a cheap $29.99 annual fee for the Payoneer MasterCard and cheaper MasterCard common fees. Most money transfer apps do not offer such lenient services. This could be of tremendous value to an immigrant new to the country from South Africa or a Middle Eastern country like Israel. Arriving in a new country can be difficult in regards to money handling but Payoneer make it easy with their great support, diverse offerings and affordable fees. Considering its major partners, you can be sure that Payoneer is a completely safe and legible platform. Google and Amazon would have been reluctant to work with them otherwise.

Extensive guide about Payoneer: click this link!


Every money transfer operator or peer-to-peer (P2P) marketplace discussed here has the potential to meet your financial needs, especially if they are concerning African currencies.

It’s highly recommended that you further inspect the mentioned sites to truly find out which one is for you. Money transfer apps can be a hard thing to figure out but hopefully with our guidance, you can find one that will accomplish your needs.

Money Transfer Apps for African remittances

The ever-expanding capabilities of mobile devices together with the financial sector's transition to digital have seen an increase in mobile apps.

Money transfer apps have made it easier to send money overseas.

They are secure, fast, and low cost, not to mention, you can easily do transfers on your phone. 

  • User-friendly: Check the user-friendliness of the site.
  • Check the history: How long has the money transfer app been in operation?
  • Charges: Compare the different fees.
  • Device availability: How available is the money transfer app?
  • Geo Availability: Unfortunately, not all money transfer apps are available worldwide. Check the Geo availability.
  • Terms and Conditions: Finally, if you want to know the details of a money transfer app, check the terms and conditions page.