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About us, in this case, is about me.

Hi, my name is Jens Ischebeck and I am the publisher of this site and an expert in online money transfer (money transfer services / fintech).

Inspired from the lack of overview about the African and Arabic fintech (e.g. money transfer apps, online money transfer, sending money on mobile phones or other money transfer services) market, I address this site to all people who are looking for secure, fast and cheap money transfers across borders.

Although I’m situated in Germany, I am passionate about the development of Africanand Arabic  people and countries. Since many years, I am involved in African projects, in various countries.

My Motivation

… are the many situations where people are confronted with too many access hurdles for payable international money transfers. Given this, I want to contribute to a better access to remittances for people in and from Africa and the Arabic peninsula. Because I believe in the strong development of fintech for these countries in the next years.


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Money transfer services overview
Our first aim is to give you an overview about the fintech market and to describe the money transfer services market with some background data.
Money transfer services providers
Our second aim is to make it easier for you to find your appropriate fintech provider. We give you an overview about the various global and regional African and Arabic money transfer services providers and which are their products.
Money transfer services News & Views
Our third aim is to keep you updated and to provide you news and views about money transfer services and remittance providers.
About Apps for Money Transfer and its contact opportunities.

I am the editor of this page and an expert in money transfer. Learn more about Apps for Money Transfer and get your information on fintech in Africa.

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Apps-for-money-transfer.com is an independent comparison site that provides users with free and valuable information on leading money transfer services. Apps-for-money-transfer.com is supported by referral fees and affiliate programs from listed companies. We do not provide a listing of each and every company in the market. We do not guarantee 100% accuracy of the information. The information which appears on this site is subject to change at any time. We aim to help users make an informed choice that best suits their particular needs.

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