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Flutterwave and Simbapay: Leading remittance Startups Putting Africa on the Map

Flutterwave and Simbapay: Leading remittance Startups Putting Africa on the Map

The international remittance market has grown exponentially, and it is not about to stop. According to World Bank statistics, a growth of 4-5% can be expected annually. The use of online services is one that has triggered this growth on massive levels. An area that was previously complacent in terms of new services is now full of ideas and …

Send money on mobile - our 5 providers

5 Ways to Send Money Overseas

Each year, billions of dollars are transferred to various countries using remittance services (e.g. money on mobile). According to a new report released by the United Nations International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD), migrants from developing countries sent home $445 billion in 2016. This amount is expected to rise by another $5 billion this year.

How to transfer money online

How To Transfer Money Online For Africa And The Middle East

Recent years have seen a significant rise in global population movement, due mainly to unstable, war-torn areas like the Middle East and an increasing level of poverty in various regions of Africa.

Refugees and economic migrants, seeking their fortunes by working abroad, are eager to share their new earnings with the relatives and friends they have left behind.

How to wire money overseas

How to wire money overseas via an app – easy, fast and at low-cost

Speedy International Remittances to Africa and the Middle East
Online money transfer services have revolutionised how to wire money from overseas to loved ones. Bank transfers and money transfer operators were the preferred methods of sending international remittances for a long time. However, the speed and charges associated with sending money to Africa and the Middle East were not particularly favourable, not to mention the exchange rates that factor in every transaction.