CurrencyFair in Africa: best exchange rate peer-to-peer marketplace

Save your money with the best currency transfer apps for Africa!

CurrencyFair in Africa: best exchange rate peer-to-peer marketplace

Currency Transfer: An introduction for Africa

Online currency transfer to African countries is usually an extremely expensive exchange, some companies greedily shave a few dollars off your return. It can be ridiculously hard on your wallet, that's why selecting a fair currency exchanger is so important.

You can save a ton of money and ensure you're not getting screwed over by a money-hungry company, a little research is all that's needed.

There are a wide number of exchange companies specialising in African and Middle East countries, so there's bound to be some bad eggs as well as good ones in the wonderful basket of online currency transfer.

It's hard being an immigrant in a country and trying to understand its currency system but using the right currency exchange platforms, you can save a good deal of money.

I have these golden gooses underneath my wing and am glad to provide you with five of the best online currency transfer companies within the industry.

Peer-to-peer marketplaces

Currency Transfer by TransferWise

We begin with Transfer Wise, a currency exchanger who are known for their simple process of transferring one currency to another, specifically South African currency.

The method of transferring money with Transfer Wise is self-explanatory, you sign up for an account, select how much and where you want to transfer the currency to. You can use either bank transfer or credit card, there's no limits to Transfer Wise.

Transfer Wise has some of the fairest rates on the market, this is the "real rate" according to them. To be fair, this is completely justified as the rates are very reasonable and inexpensive compared to many other platforms. Transfer Wise doesn't sneak in surcharges or charges in general to their conversions.

South African currency rates is one of the best things about Transfer Wise as they offer a very competitive rate for the ZAR currency.

South Africa is the only country within the African continent that Transfer Wise transfer to but the ZAR currency can be used in other countries within the continent like Lesotho, Namibia, Swaziland and Zimbabwe.

Transfer Wise is commonly regulated by the Financial Commission Authorities. Whilst a 1 EURO to USD conversion may be high at Transfer Wise, it's not that way for all currencies as conversion to and from ZAR currency costs a very reasonable rate.

Don't believe us? Numerous people have vouched for Transfer Wise's services.

1. Jake Brewer (on Twitter as @jakefbrewer) said he was impressed with the speed in which his money was sent to South Africa as well as the simplicity of the whole process.

2. Jan Leidecker (on Twitter as @jan_leidecker) was also surprised by the speed, noting that it took a mere two hours for her money to be transferred to South Africa.

3. Stefan Richter (on Twitter as @stefanrichter) also had positive things to say about Transfer Wise, saying he saved hundreds of pounds just by using the service.

4. Amy Hart (on Twitter as @amelialaurenh) perhaps had the stamp of quality by saying it was the best way of sending money while living abroad.

In addition to its wonderful support for South Africa, Transfer Wise's services expand to the Middle East with excellent rates for those converting to United Arab Emirates' dirham currency. Transfer Wise has you covered on all fronts, proving why it's one best exchange platforms on the web.

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Currency Transfer by CurrencyFair

CurrencyFair is the less known competitor of TransferWise, but it supports much more countries in Africa. CurrencyFair is a great option for online currency transfer as well as traditional brokering services like Western Union.

CurrencyFair was once commended by reputable magazine "Financial Times" for enabling customers to gain a better deal through individual buyers of currency rather than banks and the use of SMEs for customers to access rates that were previously only available to major corporate banks.

International money transfer is a breeze with CurrencyFair's app and a wide range of countries within Africa and the Middle East. Some of these are Bahrain, Botswana, Bahamas, Cameroon, Cyprus, Israel, Madagascar, Qatar and many more listed on the official site.

You can also use transfer money from your mobile phone by using the convenient CurrencyFair app.

As for exchange rates, CurrencyFair is very generous with its rates as only a meagre 0.25% - 0.3% is charged from the total sum. If there are no competitive rates for your needed exchange, CurrencyFair will match it with a small increase, resulting in a still reasonable 0.4% - 0.6% rate instead.

This means depending on which method you're using to exchange and the amount of activity on the marketplace, you'll find yourself paying a fee as small as 0.1% to 0.6% plus an added €3 transfer fee which is far better than what major banks would charge in such a situation.

CurrencyFair has a nifty feature where you can check live rates through the currency calculator, this is an accurate and current exchange rate. This is a great benefit to users as they could use it as way to make valuable exchanges and lessen their out-of-pocket expense with a cheap online currency transfer.

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Mobile Money Operators

Currency Transfer by WorldRemit

WorldRemit is our second fantastic solution to all your online currency transfer troubles. This site is known to be extremely kind, going as far to include users' first money transfer to be completely free of any extra fees. WorldRemit even has its own reviews section for users to share their experiences.

Many transfers made within the WorldRemit platform arrive instantly plus they support a wide range of receiving methods like Bank Deposit, Cash Pickup, Airtime Top-Up, Mobile Money and Home Delivery. WorldRemit also has a convenient list to check exact transfer times for all supported countries.

WorldRemit has a range of options for the African continent with transfers allowed to Kenya, Cameroon, Lesotho, Burundi, Congo DRC, Iberia, Morocco, Rwanda, Uganda, Zimbabwe, Sierra Leone, Somaliland, Tanzania and Tunisia. Middle Eastern countries are also well cared for with support for countries ranging from Lebanon to the United Arab Emirates.

WorldRemit is backed by with an excellent five star user rating, so you're bound to be in for a good service. In addition to's (a reputable comparison site) fantastic rating, here is what other people have been saying about WorldRemit:

1. Janette used WorldRemit and described it as a quick, reliable and safe way to transfer money overseas. She also complimented the simplistic approach and customer service.

2. Adelle Jazz said she was kept notified of the process through the wonderful tracking system and was very satisfied with the service overall.

3. Michael said that other currency platforms pale in comparison to WorldRemit in regards to transfer times, whereas others would take a ridiculously long time to transfer, WorldRemit was instant with its transfer.

All these remarks were from confirmed customers of WorldRemit's services as per the reviews section.

WorldRemit's secret weapon

That is its tracking service, WorldRemit allows you to conveniently track the status of your transfer through SMS notifications, you'll receive messages throughout the process as well as a final message to notify you that the transaction/transfer has been completed.

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Currency Transfer by Azimo

Azimo is another great option for those looking to transfer money to Africa and the Middle East. Azimo's standout feature is the sheer number of countries and ways you can send your money, there's a selection of over 190 countries and 80 different currencies.

Azimo offer multiple ways of receiving money, these include regular cash pickup, bank account transfer, mobile account transfer and home delivery. Both regular cash pickup and bank account can be done at 270,000 locations and 20,000 banks respectively.

Azimo caters to migrants sending money back to their homeland, they have 10 contact and viewing languages for those who are more comfortable speaking their native language. Fees and exchange rates are much better than major banks in most cases and TrustPilot has Azimo listed with many positive reviews from satisfied customers.

Azimo is regulated and licensed by The FCA (The Financial Conduct Authority) and the HMRC (Her Majesty's Revenge and Customs) in the UK, so you know your information is safe and protected. Azimo also has incorporated the latest SSL certificates into their app for added security.

Unlike the other platforms mentioned in this article, Azimo operates solely on a dedicated app/software. This makes for a fleshed out and smooth experience for users as apps are usually more stable than their website counterparts.

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Currency Transfer by Payoneer

Last but not least in our list of online currency transfer companies is the New York-based Payoneer. The company was founded in 2005, they currently serve over 200 countries and 150 currencies. Payoneer are known to have fantastic 24/7 support available in the form of live chat and telephone contact options.

Payoneer is the perfect solution for those with international business as it happens to be the preferred payment method by professionals. Studies have shown that users of Payoneer save up to 70% compared to other platforms. Payoneer doesn't even charge any fees when you're transferring to another Payoneer customer.

Online currency transfer within the Middle Eastern and African regions isn't forgotten by Payoneer, they have the most diverse list of supporting countries. Some of which aren't even supported by the other platforms within this article like Algeria, Angola, Benin, Egypt, Ethiopia, Haiti, Jordan, Kuwait, Niger, Oman and Saudi Arabia, among others.

So if your business involves any of the above countries then Payoneer may not only be your best option but your only option as well. Payoneer prides itself on multinational acceptance as seen by its wide range of supported countries.

Eliana, a travel blogger and photographer, said Payoneer gave her a great reach to work with customers all around the world. She loves the freedom Payoneer offers and how much it suits her online-based lifestyle.

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Currency Transfer Providers for Africa: Conclusion

The choice is up to you.

There have been five stellar payment platforms presented here, all of which could provide way to conduct online currency transfer and now it's up to you to choose one that suits your needs in life and work.

Are you an immigrant? Well, all five have you covered with money transfers to countries all over the African and Middle Eastern regions.

You have to be ready for online currency transfer, that includes selecting a platform that satisfies needs on the service, support and reliability front.

For further information, check our detailed descriptions of the money transfer service providers: 

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How to transfer money online

How To Transfer Money Online To Sub-Saharan Africa

How to transfer money online

Recent years have seen a significant rise in global population movement, due mainly to unstable, war-torn areas like the Middle East and an increasing level of poverty in various regions of Africa.

Refugees and economic migrants, seeking their fortunes by working abroad, are eager to share their new earnings with the relatives and friends they have left behind.

With online mobile money transfer it is now easier than ever to send money home, but it should never be rushed into without some research.

How to transfer money online: general issues

How To Transfer Money Online In Safety

There is a wide choice of online companies where people can transfer money, quickly and easily, but security should always come first. If bank account data is passed to a disreputable online money transfer provider, there is a genuine risk of theft, either of money or identity, which for asylum seekers in particular, can see them placed in greater danger.

It is easy to send money online instantly, so time spent researching a money transfer provider's credentials is time well spent.

How To Transfer Money Securely

Well established traditional banks are trustworthy and reliable due to the strict legal regulations they operate under. For complete security, opt for the online equivalent when choosing a money transfer provider. The largest companies such as Payoneer, Worldremit or Azimo are registered in London, are subject to British law, the regulations of the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and for tax purposes, the Inland Revenue (HMRC).

How To Transfer Money With Data Protection

Fully registered and regulated money transfer providers such as WorldRemit and TransferWise, offer secure SSL protection with data encryption. Notifications are sent for password changes and monitoring transactions.

By contrast, the Hawala system which is widely used in Arabic territories, is unauthorised by regulatory associations and does not appear to offer the same security measures.

How To Transfer Money With Peace Of Mind

When making an online money transfer to any destination, but particularly for relatively unstable regions in Africa or the Middle East, always ensure that online security measures, such as the padlock symbol, are visible. Monitor the expiry dates of security packages for smart phones, tablets and laptops, renewing them with days to spare. Limit the number of devices used with an account and always inform the provider immediately if a device is lost.

How To Transfer Money Worry Free

When transferring currency, transactions need to be completely reliable and safe. Providers such as Azimo, include extra security features to keep their users safe. For instance, they do not store sensitive data, keeping money safe even if a device is stolen.

Remember the following guidelines:

  • Take time choosing an online money transfer provider
  • Opt for a company that is regulated by law
  • Ensure there is superior SSL security
  • Check that personal data is held securely
  • Keep the security packages of devices up to date
  • Never risk making a money transfer if the security on a device has lapsed
  • If a device is lost or stolen, inform the provider immediately
  • How To Transfer Money Overseas

    The transfer of capital used to be controlled by traditional banks through high fee transactions, taking days to clear before they could be accessed. Newer currency transfer providers have sophisticated smart phone applications that can for a small fee, send money overseas at the touch of a button.

    The amount of money to be transferred, known as a remittance, arrives instantly, in most cases, at the chosen destination where the currency is automatically exchanged, making it available for immediate use.

    How To Transfer Money Internationally

    The world wide electronic transfer of currency through mobile money wallets is fast, secure and easy to use. All the major online money transfer providers have hundreds of outlets in countries across the continents.

    Popular with tourists, mobile money transfer enables those working abroad to swiftly make regular payments back to their home countries.

    How To Transfer Money

    To set up a mobile money wallet, the user registers with a mobile phone number and in return, the provider sends an SMS and personal PIN number. To transfer money, the user inputs their credit or debit card details and PIN number. Subsequent payments can be made by simply entering the pin number.

    How To Transfer Money To Another Bank Account Online

    To make an online money transfer, the sender and recipient both need to have an account with the same provider. Once the recipient has registered through the website or local authorised agent, the user then enters their bank account details and pays through their own credit or debit card. Once the transaction is confirmed by email, the money is added to the recipient's account.

    How To Transfer Money in Cash

    Senders can arrange for recipients to receive mobile money in hard currency. Most providers, including Azimo and Western Union, have thousands of local agent locations where the recipient can register to receive cash. The exact time of payment will be shown, but remember to allow for different time zones and bank holidays.

    How To Transfer Money From PayPal To A Bank Account

    PayPal is an established online money transfer money provider with outlets throughout the world including Africa and the Middle East. Mobile money in a PayPal account can be transferred to the holder's own bank account, but not to a recipient's bank account.

    To receive money from a PayPal account, the recipient must also have a PayPal account.

    How To Transfer Money Conveniently

    Online mobile money transfers from providers such as CurrencyFair, are available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Transferring money is as simple as sending a text message. The progress of transactions are tracked so that senders and recipients know exactly where their money is.

    How To Transfer Money And Use It

    Online money transfer is accessible through downloadable apps from the money transfer providers. A mobile money wallet can store, send and receive money.

    Use it to transfer currency to family and friends, buy goods, pay bills (mbill), purchase mobile top-ups and even withdraw cash at designated agent locations.

    How To Transfer Money With A Transaction

    Online money providers all use similar methods for making a transaction. First download the app, select the country the transaction is destined for, select mobile money and enter the amount.

    Choose payment method and when the money has reached the recipient's account, both sender and recipient receive a confirmation email.

    Reasons To Use Mobile Online Money Transfer

    • Low Fees
    • Automatic currency exchange
    • Easy to register an account
    • Simple payment system
    • Safe and secure
    • Cash payments in thousands of local agent locations
    • Payments timed and tracked
    • Transfer between same provider accounts
    • Available twenty-four hours, seven days a week
    • Choice of reliable money transfer providers

    Choosing An Online Money Transfer Provider

    Regional and global online money transfer providers

    There are many reputable mobile money transfer providers. Ooredoo, Sendwave, Simbapay and M-Pesa are localised to African and Middle Eastern regions, but are gradually increasing their outlets to countries such as Albania and Afghanistan.

    Providers that are already international include Azimo, Currencyfair, Payoneer, TransferWise and WorldRemit.

    Western Union Money Transfer

    The American finance company, Western Union, was founded in 1851 and eventually became one of the leaders in processing international telegrams. Based in Colorado, they now provide a smart phone online money transfer app that is available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Reliable and secure, they accept payments from Visa, Maestro and Master Card credit and debit cards.

    Western Union provide billions of bank accounts and charge low fees to transfer currency to mobile money wallets around the world. They have more than 500,000 registered agents' locations in hundreds of countries where a recipient can collect cash. Alternatively, use a credit or debit card to pay by phone by entering the recipient's mobile phone number.

    Online Money Transfer With Currencyfair

    Registered in Ireland, Currencyfair provide a secure market place for exchanging money internationally that results in very low fees. Currencyfair is a so called peer-to-peer (P2P) money transfer network. It is popular amongst individuals and businesses who are transferring larger amounts.

    At present, users can make exchanges between eighteen currencies including the Australian Dollar, South African Rand and the United Arab Emirates Dirham.

    The user deposits into their account the amount of money in their own currency, then chooses the currency they want to transfer to. Currencyfair matches them with a user seeking to exchange in the opposite direction, allowing the users to set their own exchange rate. As the money exchange occurs on Currencyfair, it is regarded as a domestic transfer, not an international one, reducing the fee considerably.

    Click here to get your first Currencyfair money transfer for free!

    How To Transfer Money Securely With Azimo

    Registered in London and therefore subject to British law and financial regulations, Azimo uses biometric security. They have installed additional security for downloading their mobile money app, so that a password cannot be stolen by exchanging it for another app. Azimo do not store sensitive data, leaving money safe, even if a mobile is lost or stolen.

    There is a wide choice of languages including English, German, Portuguese, Spanish, Turkish and Russian.

    Currency worth up to £3,000 can be transferred to a mobile money wallet if the recipient also has an account with Azimo. Cash payments can be received and collected at more than 200,000 agent locations and can even be included for home delivery.

    Click here to get your first Azimo money transfer for free!

    Online Money Transfer With Payoneer

    Payoneer has offices throughout the world, is licenced and regulated in five countries including the United Kingdom and the United States of America. They also have reliable connections to global companies such as Amazon.

    Payoneer has a secure, flexible platform operating in several languages, with four million account holders.

    A recipient must have a Payoneer account to receive money online. The sender pays in their own currency, which is automatically converted to that used by the recipient. Low fee transactions appear in the account holders' balances by the next day.

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    Mobile Money Transfer With TransferWise

    Although founded as recently as 2011, TransferWise has nine offices in cities such as New York, Tokyo, Tallinn and Singapore. Registered in London, they adhere to British law and are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). They are also authorised by the Electronic Money Institution.

    TransferWise hold accounts in twenty-eight countries and take advantage of favourable exchange rates to pass money between them, enabling them to charge very low fees.

    International money transfers are currently accessible in more than fifty countries. A sender pays into their own account and the recipient is paid from TransferWise's own account using the real exchange rate.

    Click here to get your first TransferWise money transfer for free!

    Online Money Transfer With WorldRemit

    Safe and reliable, WorldRemit money transfer provider, records and tracks every transaction and balance, keeping a user's money safe if their smart phone or SIM card is lost or stolen. Using a personal PIN number, users can send money through a Visa, Maestro or Mastercard debit or credit card.

    WorldRemit has partnerships with online payment services such as Interac and SOFORT.

    Operating in English, French and Spanish, the sender selects the country of the recipient and pays with their credit or debit card. The receiver can choose to receive payment into a WorldRemit bank account, store it on their mobile or they can collect cash from an authorised agent location. The sender can also add a mobile air-time top-up to the receiver's smart phone.

    Click here to get your first Worldremit money transfer for free!

    Local Providers:

    • Ooredoo
    • SendWave
    • Simbapay
    • M-Pesa

    Online Money Transfers In Sub-Saharan Africa

    Registered and regulated online mobile money transfer providers are transforming the world of banking. With swift, easy to use apps, high level security, flexibility and lower fees, they are helping migrant workers and refugees to provide support for their families in their home countries. An alternative banking system that's making a difference.

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    Money transfer app comparison of online money transfer providers

    How to wire money overseas via an app – easy, fast and at low-cost

    Money transfer app comparison of online money transfer providers

    Speedy International Remittances to Africa and the Middle East

    Online money transfer services have revolutionised how to wire money from overseas to loved ones. Bank transfers and money transfer operators were the preferred methods of sending international remittances for a long time. However, the speed and charges associated with sending money to Africa and the Middle East were not particularly favourable, not to mention the exchange rates that factor in every transaction.

    Whether you are paying a contractor for renovations back home, clearing your sibling’s school fees or sending money for the holidays, smart apps offer the cheapest way to send money. The services vary from one provider to another, and some applications are more suitable than others.

    Why Use Money Transfer Apps

    The various web services that are available for overseas workers slash the time it takes for money to reach its destination. These apps offer convenience on multiple levels. With a mobile app, you can send money from anywhere and at any time, meaning you don’t have to take a break from work so that your loved ones can receive their tuition money in time.

    The process of how to wire money has become simpler over the years when using online apps. Customers don’t need to spend a lot of time learning how to initiate transactions on the platforms. The apps offer more than one option of funding accounts such as credit/debit cards, bank accounts or mobile wallets.

    The reduced costs associated with online money transfer services have fueled the growth of mobile apps. In instances where the recipient doesn’t have to use bank accounts, the service eliminates the various charges that accompany bank transactions like withdrawal fees or travelling to the bank.

    How to Choose a Money Transfer App

    As you research how to wire money from overseas to Africa and the Middle East, the sheer number of options out there will be overwhelming. The demand for effective currency transfer platforms has increased, and so have the providers. So, how can expats or immigrant workers find the most suitable option of how to wire money?

    The first step is to narrow down your choices to the platforms that send money to a specific country. A mobile app may offer the best rates and secure connections but not be accessible in the region where you are sending money. A service that allows banks transfers is a safe bet because it means that you can send money to any account.

    Authorisation and regulation by a recognised financial body are fundamental when picking how to wire money to the Middle East and Africa. Most providers operating in Europe will have FCA approval. However, registration with a central bank is sufficient. Always verify licenses by checking the registration number of the transfer service.

    Information security is paramount when using an online application. As you send cash to your children or parents across the globe, you want assurances that your data will not be misused. Check the security measures provided by a transfer service before signing up.

    The fees charged by a mobile app for international remittances will also determine if it is the best one for you. Typically, fees will include a standing charge and commission, which is usually a percentage. The exact amount will vary from one provider to the next. Compare at least three platforms to see what they offer. Consider deals like fee-free first transactions and ‘refer a friend’ discounts.

    Provider suggestions for how to wire money

    At, we provide several suggestions of how to wire money to and from regions in Africa and the Middle East. Our choices include:

    WorldRemit - more and more well established in the African market, supporting transfers from USA & Canada

    • Azimo - the market leader in Africa, strong for European transfers

    Transferwise - leading for remittances to India and Nigeria

    CurrencyFair - fast growing peer-to-peer network with very good service, covering many African countries

    Payoneer - leading outward remittance provider


    A money transfer app that uses the latest technology to improve transactions. WorldRemit covers 140 countries including Angola, Kenya and Ethiopia in Africa, and Armenia, Bahrain and UAE in the Middle East. The platform has a simple user interface, which is one reason it is a top choice when looking for how to wire money online.

    Customers have four alternatives for how to wire money using WorldRemit, and these are:

    a) Cash pickup – the service has pickup locations in different areas where recipients can go to get their money. The recipient will have to present identification and the transaction reference number to receive the money. Note that not every location where WorldRemit operates will have a cash pickup point, so confirm first before sending money.

    b) Bank deposit – you send money directly to the recipient’s bank account, and then an alert is sent via email or text.

    c) Mobile money – with this option of how to wire money, you send cash to the recipient’s mobile wallet using their phone number as the account.

    d) Airtime top-up – WorldRemit lets you recharge airtime for loved ones in a matter of minutes.

    Always check which of the four services are available in your country. Senders in over 50 countries can access WorldRemit.

    The sign-up process for how to wire money is simple. Senders are required to set their country from which they are sending money during the sign-up process and their mobile phone number.

    Licensing and regulations are critical considerations when picking the best smart apps to send money instantly online. WordRemit is regulated and Authorised by the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority). It has PCI compliance in line with the security standards council, which makes it a trusted online service provider.

    The fees charged for money transfer services are shown upfront so that customers don’t have to fret over hidden charges. Money transfers arrive instantly if there is no delay in the payment. Bank transfers can delay slightly, depending on the bank used.

    WorldRemit asks for the mobile number and email address of both the sender and receiver to send notifications once transfers are complete. A physical address is not asked for, not needed.

    Click here to get your first Worldremit money transfer for free!


    Azimo is certified by TÜV from Germany to ensure that the platform protects customer data. Its Visa and MasterCard verification contributes to the legitimacy of the money transfer service. Azimo is FCA authorised with coverage of over 195 countries, including several in the Middle East and Africa. You can access Azimo if you are in the Eurozone, the UK, Denmark, Switzerland, Norway and Sweden.

    The provider offers several delivery methods that senders can select when making transactions, and these are:

    a) SWIFT – an international payment network that allows you to send money to a bank account. Only selected banks have SWIFT services, so verify before using this option.

    b) Home delivery – the money transfer service takes the money to a particular address once the transactions are complete. However, the home delivery service is limited to specific regions.

    c) Mobile top-up, Mobile wallet, Cash pickups and direct-to-bank are other alternatives available to Azimo customers.

    One way to spend less with Azimo when looking for how to wire money online is the fee-free first transfer. When you download the application, the first transaction doesn’t cost you anything. You get to evaluate the functionality of the platform without incurring service charges. If you don’t have a smartphone, the website version is easily accessible from a desktop or laptop.

    The transfer tracking capabilities of Azimo apps let you keep an eye on all transactions from your account. Customers should expect regulatory checks for all transactions, which is one way that the provider guarantees secure currency transfers.

    Click here to get your first Azimo money transfer for free!


    TransferWise uses the mid-market rate when sending money from abroad, which makes it relatively cheaper than banks, which set their own rates. However, the rate is only guaranteed if the sender pays the money within 48 hours. Regular customers can sign up for rate alerts to their emails to take advantage of the best prices.

    Customers can sign in to their Transferwise accounts through Google, Facebook or email. Such convenience saves you from having to remember your account password every time you want to send money. The money transfer services ensure credibility by verifying every account so users should provide accurate personal information.

    If your transactions are business-related, the borderless account is an excellent way to send money online instantly. The account offers multi-currency capabilities- you manage 28 currencies on one platform. Customers get 4 different international bank details, which are the EUR, AUD, USD and GBP. A borderless account allows you to send money to over 50 countries, including several in Africa. The only charges incurred are for the conversion to different currencies; no monthly or receiving fees apply.

    Transferwise has recently made it possible to fund accounts using Apple Pay, which simplifies how to wire money from your bank account or credit card. The smart money app can only send money to local bank accounts, so ensure that your recipients know that. Transferwise is a bank account to bank account service, no cash or cheques.

    Because Transferwise sends to bank accounts, it operates during regular banking hours. Therefore, consider this when deciding how to wire money to loved ones. The service is suitable for customers sending to Africa. You can look up the supported currencies to see if your country receives Transferwise services.

    TransferWise is the leading provider for inward remittances to India! UK - India is one of the biggest remittance corridors worldwide.

    Click here to get your first TransferWise money transfer for free!


    CurrencyFair has iOS and Android native apps that customers can use to send money online instantly. The average transaction time for CurrencyFair transfer is 24 to 48 hours.

    The 0.4% average commission charged by CurrencyFair contributes to how much it costs to wire money back home. There is a fixed €3 or currency equivalent transfer fee. Depositing money into your CurrencyFair account is free but your bank may charge for the transaction. The money app provides live rates so you can keep up with the pricing.

    The setup process for a CurrencyFair account is only a few minutes long. You only have to signup, input the amount being set and wait for the transaction. Because it is a financially regulated service – by the Central Bank of Ireland – customers have to undergo electronic verification. CurrencyFair can ask for copies of your documents like ID and proof of address when necessary.

    CurrencyFair keeps client money in segregated accounts, which increases the security of your account. It means that an independent financial institution is responsible for guarding the money in your customer account. 2-factor authentication ensures that user information remains protected during transactions. The service provider also verifies all changes in personal data before implementing them.

    Customers get access to a history of past actions, which helps to monitor your account activities. The in-built customer support on CurrencyFair mobile apps ensures that clients get assistance on how to wire money. Besides currency transfer, you can opt to save money using CurrencyFair.

    The transfer service has partnered with international banks, which allow it to transfer money seamlessly between institutions. Expatriate with small businesses abroad can use this network of banks to collect and make payments.

    Click here to get your first CurrencyFair money transfer for free!


    Payoneer has grown into one of the biggest cross-border money transfer services in the world. Its low fees and fast transactions rival most of the online services available on the marketplace. The US-based provider has an uncomplicated platform that takes the hassle out of sending money from abroad. It also presents the ideal solution when looking for how to wire money in bulk. Say you have several recipients with different accounts across regions. Payoneer lets you transfer cash en masse, saving you time.

    With your Payoneer account, you can send money to Africa and the Middle East, into another Payoneer account, a bank account or prepaid MasterCard debit card. The global currency transfer service has a bank network that allows it to provide services in more than 150 currencies, to customers across 200 countries.

    Payoneer has multi-jurisdictional licenses to guarantee compliance in various parts of the world. A clear electronic disclosure policy is provided for clients so they can understand the permissions being granted to the online service. Payoneer is PCI compliant as well, guaranteeing a secure platform that safeguards customer data.

    Opening an account is free, and if the transaction is from one Payoneer customer to another, then it is free. The transfer service offers you a choice of withdrawing money in the same currency or a local one. When withdrawing in the same currency a fee of 1.50 USD/EUR/GBP applies.

    The options for how to wire money online are limitless given the increasing number of platforms entering the market. Whether you are an immigrant worker or expatriate sending money to Africa and the Middle East, the above smart apps present fast, secure and cheap alternatives.

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